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Supervisor Information

Resource for On-Campus Student Employee Supervisors

This page is designed for departmental supervisors of students workers in the Federal Work-Study, College Work Award, or Departmental Jobs Programs.

If you were not able to attend the August training session conducted by the Office of Financial Aid, you may refer to this page for information and updates.

Hiring Student Employees

Posting available job openings in your department on the College's Student Employment Bulletin Board online is best practice.  Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals also work.  You will find that students within their first few weeks of the fall semester will be seeking opportunities to work, particularly new student employees.  Be prepared to describe job opportunities at any point.

Budgeting Student Employee Hours

Hire students within your department's budgeted student employee hours.  Students who have been packaged with Federal Work Study have been awarded 10 hours of work per week.  Remaining within this allotment with all of your student employees will help your office remain within budget and eliminate any over-earnings for students.  You will be notified of your department's available hours by the Office of Financial Aid at regular intervals throughout the year. 

Orienting Student Employees

The Student Employment Program Pre-Employment Agreement should be given to each student for whom you offer a signed contract of employment. 

After completing a Student Employment Authorization contract, students will need to complete the federal tax and eligibility process in person with Ms. Lori Few in the Business Office in order to be paid. 

Students need to complete the I-9 and W-4 federal forms along with presenting identification in person to Ms. Morgan.  Both forms can be downloaded in PDF by clicking the links below.  Note that the PDFs are "fillable," meaning that students can type their information right into the PDF before printing it. 

Page three (3) of the I-9 Form lists acceptable forms of identification.  By law, Nancy Morgan is required to request that students present to her only original forms of identification.  Copies of identification cannot be accepted.  There are also special processes involved in completing the W-4 for students who will be claiming tax exemption. 

Establishing Work Expectations

Have your student employees sign a Student Agreement, acknowledging that they have been told of the expectations of their employment with your office.  The Office of Admission Student Agreement can be downloaded as an example for tailoring your own departmental student agreement.

Student Agreement Form Example (from the Office of Admission) in Word

Establishing Work Guidelines

Present your student employees with guidelines to serve as reminder of expectations.  This can also serve as a beginning for discussions about progress or issues of concern.  The Student Employee Guidelines is a shortened version of the Student Employee Program Welcome Letter listing only those things for which students are responsible to know.

Student Employee Guidelines in Word

Evaluating Student Employees

The evaluation of your student employees is an important part of their work development and a good way for your department to be sure that performance standards are being met.  The following evaluation form is in two parts.  It includes both an evaluation of the student completed by the supervisor and an evaluation of the work environment completed by the student.

Student and Supervisor Evaluation Form in Word

Disciplining a Student Employee

If you need to take disciplinary action on a student employee, documentation is extremely important.  It empowers and protects both the supervisor and the student as it serves as mutual understanding of the issues or situation at hand.

Student Employee Disciplinary Form in Word

Terminating a Student Employee

If you need to terminate a student's employment, you may use the following form:

Student Employment Termination Form in Word