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International & Off-Campus Study

Need-based financial aid from the College is generally available to students for approved off-campus study programs. The amount and type of financial aid may vary depending upon program costs and individual family financial circumstances. In general, eligibility for financial aid is based upon F&M's tuition, fees, and room and board charges, an allowance for books and personal expenses, and your estimated family contribution which is calculated using a federally mandated formula.

As you consider off-campus study, please review the following guidelines:

·         All students must submit an application to the Off-Campus Study Office by October 20 for spring semester study or March 20 for fall semester or full-year study.  Once the deadline has passed, the Off-Campus Study Office will notify the Office of Financial Aid of all students who have applied for off-campus study. 

·         Any student receiving federal financial aid funds will be required to complete a Contractual Agreement.  This form will be sent to you for your signature and must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid.  Once this form is received from you, it will be forwarded to your program of study for additional information.  Both forms must be received before your financial aid can be disbursed.

·         Any need-based work award for the semester(s) in which you are abroad may be replaced with private student loans or a parent PLUS loan. For students with need-based financial aid, you should expect that you will have increased out-of-pocket expenses for studying abroad including airfare (which will need to be paid in advance) and personal expenses.  Please be prepared to cover the airfare expense up front.

·         If your financial aid awards exceed the amount of your bill at Franklin & Marshall for tuition, a refund will be issued during the second week of classes at F&M.  This refund can be used to reimburse you for airfare already purchased, as well as your room and board expenses for your off-campus program.  You can request funds be sent directly to your program by completing a form with the Business Office.  If your financial aid awards will not exceed your bill from F&M, you will be expected to pay your balance at F&M, as well as pay for your room and board costs to the program directly.

·         Most off-campus study programs require a matriculation deposit. In some cases, they will also require a deposit for room and board.  In the case of high financial need or extreme financial hardship, the Office of Financial Aid can complete forms requesting either a reduced deposit or a deferral of the deposit to your bill with the host institution or program.  These forms should be available by your program of off-campus study.

·         International students attending Franklin & Marshall are eligible to participate in approved study abroad programs and affiliated American programs. They may only use one semester of financial aid from the College, however, to support the cost of their study.

If you have any questions regarding aid for off-campus study, please stop by the Office of Financial Aid, 617 College Avenue, or call 291-3991. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Our fax number is (717) 358-4462.

International Students should contact Tonya Hsiung, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for special guidelines governing the availability of College assistance for off-campus study.