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Declare Your Candidacy for Need-Based Financial Assistance

If you feel you need financial assistance to attend college, then you should ask for it.  There is plenty of lore out there about not declaring that you need financial aid for fear of it affecting your admission decision.  The truth is, if you do not indicate that you need aid and actually do, you may have shortchanged your admission altogether by not availing yourself the ability to attend.

On the application for admission, page one, about three-quarters of the way down, you can indicate that you "will be a candidate for financial aid" by checking the YES box.  This initiates a whole process of important communication from the Office of Financial Aid to you and your family.  So indicate need, if you feel that you have need or even if you are unsure, and allow the process to work for you.

Checking the box "yes" for financial aid indicates to the College that you intend to apply for need-based financial aid.  This is very important.  It gives the Office of Financial Aid a "heads up" to expect your financial aid applications to arrive to our office and allows our office to prepare for any supplemental information that we may need from your family. 

Remember, however, that checking the box "yes" only indicates your intent to apply for financial aid; it has nothing to do with actually applying for financial aid.  Applying for financial aid is the next step and a separate process altogether that is completed entirely online.

In order to apply for need-based financial aid at Franklin & Marshall you will need to complete two (2) separate applications online:  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the PROFILE.  The FAFSA is the application for federal need-based and non-need-based financial aid.  The PROFILE is the application for Franklin & Marshall need-based financial aid. 

The financial aid application process and the admission application process are parallel.  You will complete and submit the FAFSA and PROFILE at the same time that you complete and submit your application for admission.