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Review and Compare

Review Your Aid Award and Compare It With Others Offers

Hopefully, you will receive "the thick packet" from at least a few of your choice schools, and we hope that Franklin & Marshall will be among the schools you choose.

Students who are admitted to the College and who qualify for need-based financial aid will receive an aid package letter from the Office of Financial Aid shortly after notification from the Office of Admission.

An aid package letter includes all Federal need-based aid and Franklin & Marshall need-based aid.  The letter will also include information regarding the cost of education for the upcoming year.  Subtracting all aid awards from the cost of education allows families to estimate their out-of-pocket expense for the upcoming school year. 

If financial expense is important to your family, having all of your aid package letters from all of your colleges allows your family to compare packages.  This is an important part of the process, and one in which the "cost versus value" of an education enters the discussion.  Be sure to write down questions or concerns, and be sure to contact the offices of Admission and/or Financial Aid if you have questions or concerns. 

Click here to download a helpful Award Package Comparison Worksheet provided by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.