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Requests for Reconsideration

When Situations Beyond Your Control Affect Financial Stability

Parents, if a situation that is unforeseen and beyond your control affects your family financially, please inform the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.  The Financial Aid Committee supports a written request for reconsideration process for all families' concerns surrounding need-based aid funding and their student's ability to continue study at the College.

Parents will be asked to submit a statement of the circumstances along with supporting documentation of your choosing.  We will also need to submit your student's file for Verfication, if it had not already been selected; this will require your most recent Federal income tax forms and W-2s from parents and student.  With solid documentation of well reasoned circumstances, the College can assist where it is appropriate.  Once this information is received, the student's financial aid counselor will present your request to the Financial Aid Committee review.

Requests for Review by the Financial Aid Committee are generally considered for:

  • Out-of-Pocket Medical or Dental Expense
  • Exceptional Expenses Impacting Adjusted Gross Income
  • Support to Family Members Living Outside the Primary Household
  • Repayment of Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
  • Loss of Income
  • Natural Disasters Impacting the Ability to Earn a Living Wage
  • Student's Sibling Entering College at Previously Unknown and Considerable Cost

To request reconsideration for need-based aid, please call the Office of Financial Aid (717-291-3991) and ask to speak with your student's financial aid counselor.