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Begin Registration for the Profile as Early as October

The PROFILE is an aid application that we use to determine if your student will qualify for need-based aid dollars from Franklin & Marshall.  The PROFILE was created by the CollegeBoard and can be completed and submitted entirely online. 

Unlike the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Profile does have a registration fee as well as a submission fee to each college to which you want your information sent. 

The PROFILE differs from the FAFSA in that it seeks information regarding your family's home equity value.  The PROFILE also seeks information regarding the noncustodial parent in a divorced family situation.  The PROFILE can be completed as early as mid-fall of your senior year of high school for your first year of college.  The FAFSA cannot be completed until after January 1 of that same year. 

The PROFILE needs to be completed for each year that a student is attending Franklin & Marshall and wants to be considered for need-based aid from the College.