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Loan Consolidation

To Consolidate or Not To Consolidate Federal Student Loans

There are plenty of websites and plenty of information out there regarding federal student loan consolidation.  If you are a recent college graduate and facing the decision of whether or not to consolidate your federal student loans, listed below are a few link resources to help you understand your options and the issues at hand. 

While we cannot advise students about loan consolidation, we do suggest that loan consolidation has advantages and disadvantages specific to each student's specific circumstance.  Your ability to manage debt load, the amount of your debt load, and your likelihood for future income are a few factors to consider as you research the following student loan consolidation sources.

Refinance or Consolidate Private Student Loans to take control of your debt.

Citizens Bank Education Refinance Loan

Wells Fargo Private ConsolidationSM Loan 

CU Student Loan Consolidation