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Franklin & Marshall College subscribes to the College Board’s Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC), making submitting your tax forms much easier.

Franklin & Marshall College is not listed on the College Board's Web site as a school that requires IDOC because IDOC is not required of all students/families.  Submitting information to IDOC is only required of families whom the College selects based upon criteria within our financial need analysis.

IDOC serves as a clearinghouse for tax documents by allowing families to submit their paperwork to one location instead of separately to each college to which a student has applied.  The College Board will automatically notify you if we require that you submit documents to IDOC. 
What does this mean for you?  After you complete the CSS PROFILE you may receive an email from the College Board that provides instructions for submitting your federal tax records.  If you do not receive an email from the College Board about IDOC, then you are not required to submit any information to IDOC.
You must submit complete signed copies, including all schedules and W-2 forms, along with the completed and signed cover sheet.  When the College Board receives your documents, they will electronically image and transmit your documents to Franklin & Marshall College.  You are required to submit all requested documents in one packet.  Do not send documents separately. 
NOTE:  The Verification Form which you may be asked to complete will be available via the IDOC site in early February.
NOTE:  If you do not or did not receive communication from the College Board, then we do not require this information from you at this time (e.g. you submitted your federal tax records to F&M already).  IDOC is only available to students that participating colleges select. Do not enter the site unless the College Board notified you that at least one of your colleges participates in the IDOC Service.
For additional information about IDOC, please visit the College Board’s site at
Also, to ensure the timely exchange of information and communication, listed below are items for your attention:
1.  Your complete financial aid file status, including missing documentation, is viewable online  at MyAid.
2.  Please add to your e-mail address folder as we will be emailing information when necessary from that address.
  • F&M uses IDOC!
  • Franklin & Marshall subscribes to the College Board's Institutional Documentation Service, making submitting your tax forms much easier.