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Business Organization Society

Business, Organizations and Society Office Assistant:   Student(s) needed to assist  faculty and department coordinator on special projects, often by creating databases; compile information from the web & other sources for faculty research projects; photocopy handouts for BOS faculty & majors; take responsibility for mailing projects from faculty to publishers including mailing labels for outgoing envelopes & return envelopes; pickup department mail at Steinman College Center, then sort into appropriate faculty mailboxes;  deliver outgoing mail to the mailroom.  Other duties include but are not limited to:  file annual reports; maintain bulletin boards; on-campus deliveries; file research articles for faculty; answer the department phone when the coordinator is away from her/his desk; any other duties deemed necessary by supervisor. Must be computer proficient, reliable, have good communication skills and have knowledge of BOS curriculum.  Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 Am to 4:30 PM.  Student hours are adaptable semester to semester. Pay is standard at $7.25/hour.  Please contact Ms. Deb Miller (2)  Fall, Spring.