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Peer Health Educator: Peer Health Educator needed for two, 5 to 10 hour per week positions. Duties will include designing; posters, bathroom stall signs, patient education materials, passive education programs and active education programs for presentation to students. Interest in health education issues such as smoking cessation, sexually transmitted infection prevention, nutrition, stress reduction, eating disorder prevention, substance abuse prevention and others a must. Creativity and moderate artistic skills a must. The position will include membership on the Student Health Advisory  Committee with secretarial responsibilites. Leadership and recruitment of volunteer Peer Health Educators a possibility. Modest clerical abilities necessary. Computer skills required. Freshmen or sophomores preferred. Semesters: Fall and Spring.  Pay is standard $7.25 per hour.  Hours are flexible.  If interested please contact Jan Masland at 358.7178 (x7178) or by e mail;