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HISTORY AND AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENTS: Two (2) students needed for clerical and office work, each working 10 hours per week.  The primary focus of the job is to offer assistance to the department coordinator and the faculty members of the two departments.  Students will be required to conduct themselves in a professional manner, acting as the department's representative in the absence of the department coordinator.  Some of the essential duties include: pick-up and distribute daily mail and NY Times, pick-up/return books to the library; fill out library book order forms, photocopying class materials, assemble library reserve materials, and send pdf files to faculty e-mail.  Marginal duties would include: unpacking and stacking supply of copy paper and blue books, run any necessary errands and keeping the department's collection of slides organized and filed.  The pay is the standard $7.25/hour.  Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer.  Please contact Ms. Ann Wagoner at   Also needed for the WOMEN & GENDER STUDY PROGRAM: One (1) student needed for clerical and office work,  working 5 hours per week.   The only difference between this position and the one described above for the History and American Studies Departments is the student and hours per week needed.