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Steinman College Center

Information Desk Worker:  Provides customer service to the entire campus community. Each student worker on the Steinman College Center staff contributes significantly to the successful operation of the facility.   First, he/she is responsible for the building itself, a facility in which many of the academic, social, cultural, and recreational activities of the Franklin & Marshall College community take place.  Secondly, the College Center serves as an information center for Franklin & Marshall; thus, the entire staff serves as an information source for the College and Lancaster community.  Finally, the student employees often greet visitors to the F&M campus.  As we all know, many people form life long opinions based upon their first impressions.  We would like that impression about our staff and Franklin & Marshall College to be a positive one.  Contact Lucy Gillichbauer at .  (15) Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

College Center Sound Technicians:  Critical in the success of an event being held in the building involving sound/audio visual equipment.  The following is a list of the expectations of a sound tech:Having some prior knowledge of sound/AV equipment is a plus but not mandatory.  Shadowing and training sessions will be held with current sound technicians and the F&O Sound Technician if necessary.Meet with the Building Director on a weekly basis, to discuss upcoming events requiring sound equipment and work out a schedule for set-up and teardown times.  Be flexible and available to work varying hours to meet event needs.  This position does not have a regular schedule.Be available and able to deal with last minute requests from event organizers in a professional manner. Alert the Building Director when any AV/sound equipment is in need of repair or replacement.Appropriate attire should be worn (no open-toe shoes/sandals.)  Other duties as assigned. Contact Lucy Gillichbauer at .  (15) Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


Steinman College Center Manager:  Job supports the Building Director in the daily management of the Steinman College Center.  This position exists to facilitate the programs of co-curricular, administrative and external organizations.  The manager job is divided into four categories of Administrative, Facilities, Customer Service, and Supervision.  Students must become CPR certified and take a First Aid Class.  A whole host of detailed responsibilities can be obtained by inquiring to Lucy Gillichbauer at  (12) Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer