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Off Campus Study

All need-based financial aid recipient wishing to study off campus must have completed their financial aid file prior to the April deadline.

Students who receive need-based financial aid and who study off campus will receive the same amount of financial aid they would have otherwise received had they remained on campus.  More simply, financial aid pacakges are not adjusted, increased or decreased, due to a student's intention to study off campus.

For nearly all off campus study programs students are charged by the College the regular F&M tuition.  Students are not charged by the College for room, health service fees, or meal plan (board) costs.   However, those costs, at standard F&M rates, are included in the cost of attendance budget used to determine a student's demonstrated need.  Therefore, those costs are also used to determine a student's eligibility for need-based financial aid.

Students must pay directly to the off campus study site/institution any room, meal plan (board), program fees, or miscellaneous charges.  These charges will be billed directly to the student by the off campus study site institution.  Students who receive financial aid in the form of grants or loans above the cost of F&M's tuition (for the time period spent abroad) will be able to utilize the overage of aid toward those costs at their site institution.  That overage will arrive to the student from the College's Business Office in the form of a refund.  This typically occurs by the third week of each semester.  Students must work directly with the College's Business Office regarding any refund they expect to receive.

International Students

International students are eligible for only one semester of financial aid for off-campus study, and no financial aid will be granted for study in the student's home country.  

An international student receiving Franklin & Marshall financial aid who does not return to campus in the semester immediately following a semester or year-long off-campus study experience, is required to reimburse the College for the institutional aid received during the off-campus study period of time.