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Summer Coursework

Financial resources for Summer coursework taken at Franklin & Marshall will depend upon the number of course credits in which students enroll at F&M for the summer.  Taking at least two course credits during the Summer sessions, either two credits in one summer session or one credit in each of the two summer sessions, is considered half-time enrollment and may give students eligibility for Federal Direct Student Loan.
Students may be eligible to borrow a subsidized and/or unsubsidized amount of Federal Direct Student Loan appropriate for their grade level.  Should students require additional loan aid, they are advised to ask their parent(s) to borrow a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan for parents or a private student loan for themselves.  Students who borrow a private student loan will require a credit worthy cosigner.
If students are only taking one summer course then their only option would be to borrow a private student loan.  Students should apply with a lender that does not require half-time enrollment.  Please refer to our list of private loans for Summer term.
All students who will be borrowing a loan of any type for Summer coursework will need to complete and return a Summer School Expense Form  to the Office of Financial Aid well before classes begin.  
When you register for summer courses at Franklin & Marshall you will be expected to pay the cost of tuition at time of registration.  Therefore you should plan ahead if you are borrowing loans to cover the cost of tuition.
If  you are taking courses at another institution, a Consortium Agreement will be required.  This agreement is between F&M (home campus) and the school where you will be taking courses (host campus) certifying that only one school will be administering Title IV financial aid (Direct loans).  You will most likely be expected to pay up front for the cost of tuition and reimburse yourself when the loan funds become available.
For more information about taking summer courses and loan options please contact the Financial Aid Office at (717) 291-3991.