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Verification of Information

Required Process of Verifying the Information Families Submit on the FAFSA

The section below explains your rights and responsibilities. Please read carefully.

Submission of Requested Documentation

All requested information must be provided to the Franklin & Marshall College Office of Financial Aid within six weeks of the notification date. If the requested documentation is unavailable at the time of the request, an extension can be granted provided the Office of Financial Aid receives a written request explaining the reason the documentation is not provided and an estimated date the information will be available. Please note, however, that Federal and institutional aid cannot be finalized until such time as all requested documentation is provided. Failure to satisfy all requests will result in the cancellation of all Federal aid and Franklin & Marshall College need-based grant aid.

Documentation Required

  • A completed Verification form (available from the Office of Financial Aid).
  • Signed copies of parents’ and student’s most recent, base year Federal Income Tax Returns and Schedules. (If a copy was not retained, contact your local IRS Office for additional information call 1-800-829- 1040 or complete form 4506-T). Non tax filers must complete the Non-tax Filers section of the Verification Form (available from the Office of Financial Aid), or complete all questions in sections C and/or section D on the Verification Worksheet, and attach any W-2 forms.
  • Any other verification forms provided by the Office of Financial Aid such as asset verification forms, medical expense forms, household size verification form, etc.....

Review of Information

After all requested information is submitted, application data will be verified. If all application information is accurate or within Federally approved tolerances, aid will be processed and/or finalized. If corrections are required, the Office of Financial Aid will correct the data electronically with the Federal Student Aid Program and process your aid request.

Notification of Verification Results

Notification of your award eligibility and/or certification of Federal loans will indicate your eli­gibility for Federal and institutional funds. In cases where aid had been previously awarded, notification will only be sent when program eligibility changes.

Overpayment of Federal Funds

In cases where corrections result in an overpayment of Federal funds, you will receive notice on steps required to repay the Federal programs and the consequences of not making proper repayment.

Reporting Fraud

In cases where intent to commit fraud to obtain federal funds is suspected, the College will refer the case to the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Inspector General for review and resolu­tion, and no further processing of financial aid will occur until the case is resolved.

Any questions concerning these policies and procedures should be directed to the Franklin & Marshall College Office of Financial Aid.