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Federal Work-Study, College Work Option and Departmental Job Programs

All students, enrolled in at least 3 courses per semester may obtain employment on campus, if they so choose.  Franklin & Marshall has a campus-based student employment program designed to meet the needs of students who need to or wish to earn money by working on campus while they are enrolled. 

The Federal Work Study Program was established by the Federal government in order to help students earn money toward paying a portion of their college expenses. These on-campus jobs are funded annually by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education which is matched with College funds.

During fall and spring semester, non-break periods, students may work up to ten (10) total hours per week in the Federal Work Study or College Work Option programs and may earn up to $1,900 during the academic year.  Recipients of Federal Work Study must show financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Students in any aspect of the campus-based employment program are hired by the various departments on campus on the basis of the same factors most employers would hire:  The individual needs of the campus office/department, the student's willingness to work, the student's job skills, and the student's previous employment experience.

The College Work Option Programs was developed by the College and is institutionally funded.  Like the Federal Work Study Program, students may work up to ten (10) hours per week across all jobs during the fall and spring semester, non-break periods and may earn up to $1,900 during the academic year.  Employment is also available during summer and semester breaks. 

The Departmental Job Program is funded by individual departments, often through special, private funding made available from foundations and other outside organizations. These jobs, which include research/special-project assistantships, are limited in number and usually require specific job skills.

Although funding for these positions is separate from Federal Work Study and College Work Option, private departmental stipend employment is part of the overall student employment program and, as such, payment is made through student payroll. Students whose wages are to be paid from departmental budget funds, grants or stipends must have a Student Employment Authorization Form (SEAF) completed by the departmental supervisor and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. 

Employment under the Federal Work-Study Program, College Work Option, or Departmental Job Programs can be an important part of your total learning experience while you are at the College. You should approach your job with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. Your job will not only provide you with financial assistance, but it will allow you to participate first-hand in the daily operations of Franklin & Marshall College.

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