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Policies, Procedures, Updates, and Expectations

Campus Based Student Employment Program

The following points highlight the updated expectations, policies, and procedures of the College's campus based student employment program.  All policies and procedures are subject to change as determined by the Student Employment Group. 

Students and professional staff student supervisors are encouraged to return to this site as well as to the FAQ site as a continued resource for clarification on policy and procedures related to campus based student employment.  Student and professional staff student supervisor support is necessary and appreciated and will be reciprocated by the Office of Financial Aid. 

1.  Students may work up to 10 hours total per week, across all College Funded jobs -  Beginning the first day of the Fall semester employment period, the last Sunday in August, students must remain within the four parameters of the Weekly Hours Test

2.  Work aided students (those who have a work award component listed in their financial aid package) may begin working in the Fall semester as soon as day one of the Fall employment period which begins the last Sunday in August.

3.  Non-work aided students (those who do NOT have a work award component listed in their financial aid package) may NOT begin working in the Fall semester and may not be hired or promised a campus job until October 1* (see exception below).  This is to ensure that all work aided students have had ample opportunity to secure positions on campus. The Student Employment Group (SEG) has the discretion to open up hiring of non-work aided students before October 1 should full employment of work-aided students desiring employment be nearly reached.

4.  Student employee paperwork must be completed no later than a student's first day of work.  Student Employment Authorization Forms (SEAF) are necessary to official hire a student employee for an on-campus job.  SEAFs are submitted online by a Faculty Professional Staff supervisor.  SEAFs that are received by the Office of Financial Aid after the first day of work may be returned to the department or held in the Office of Financial Aid pending further inquiry.  Each supervisor should meet with their students and confirm that the students have completed and submitted the following items.  If students have not completed paperwork by the first day of work, please have them complete the paper work on their first day.   Completion of the I-9 and W-4 is noted and viewable by students and FPS in MyDiplomat in each student's record.  Submission of the Student Employment Authorization Form is not permitted without completion of the W-4 and I-9 process:

The following four forms, once completed, deem a student okay for hire:

1. W-4 form in the Business Office
2. I-9 form in the Business Office
3.  Student Employment Authorization Form (contract) to the Office of Financial Aid via online submission
4.  The Pre-Employment Agreement to their department administration supervisor. 

The W-4, I-9, and Pre-Employment Agreement forms need only be completed once by a student during his/her entire enrollment at the College.  The SEAF must be completed for each unique employment period.

5.  Student pay rate change - Beginning July 24, 2009 all students are paid no less than $7.25/hour.  This is the new Federal minimum wage rate.  This applies to all Federal Work Study jobs, College Work Option jobs, and paid stipend student wages.

6.  Supervisors will need to post all student job descriptions for their department - Please.  If you have updated job descriptions, at any point, please forward them to Varo Duffins the Office of Financial Aid.  The description format should follow that of the standard job description template

7.  Supervisors are expected to know if their student employees are contracted to work in other campus jobs before hiring.  If you are a student supervisor for your department, it is important for you to know if a student whom you are considering for hire is already hired or likely will be hired by another department and to be sure that student is not hired for more than 10 hours per week in total.  If you are a supervisor, please ask your students during the interview if they are or expect to be employed elsewhere on campus and for what number of hours per week.  A list of the departments where a student is currently employed is listed on their personal information page in MyDiplomat.

8.  The practice of students intentionally not recording actual hours worked on their electronic timesheets (and FPS supervisors approving them) specifically to circumvent the College's 10 hours per week policy is considered falsifying timesheet records, is in violation of regulations and College policy, and is not permitted in any way.   An example of this malpractice would be working over allowable hours worked in one week and reporting the over hours as being worked in another week.

9.  Students will be suspended from work privileges for employment process violations at the discretion of the College.  Supervisors and students will be notified via email of the reasons for suspension of employment as well as the date of employment reinstatement.  Supervisors should support employment suspension by neither allowing the student to report for work nor to "post-report" hours of work in that department that would have occurred within the suspension period.

10.  Multiple Jobs and the late-August to October 1 grace period  - All work aided (students have a "work" component in their financial aid package) students may begin working on campus as early as the last Sunday in August.   Students may be considered for hire in a second campus job as early as October 1.  No student may be promised a second job by FPS prior to October 1**.  Students may not be considered for employment for more than one job prior to October 1 (the first full month of the academic payroll year).  Because some departments hire by number of employees, this policy is to help ensure that ample opportunity is offered to all students, particularly entering first-year students, to secure at least one campus job before students begin to acquire multiple campus jobs.

 11.  All electronic timesheets are to be submitted via Inside F&M by the Monday immediately following the completed biweekly work period.

12.  All Student Employment Authorization Forms (SEAFs) will be processed with a start date that is no earlier than the date in which they are submitted online.

13.  **House Advisors (HAs) may work in one other campus job in addition to their HA duties prior to October 1.  HAs may work up to 10 hours per week across all other jobs they hold, College Funded or Department Funded, in addition to all of their HA job(s).

14.  **Jobs positions waived of certain aspects of the policy:  Lab assistants, tutors, and teaching assistants are exempt of the One Job Only Before October 1 Policy (#10) and may begin working as early as the first day of the Fall employment period. Students working in these jobs must still work within the confines of the Weekly Hours Test.  Essentially, these students must work within 10 hours per week across all College Funded Jobs they hold.  If a student is in this job position and also holds a House Advisor role, supervisors should contact the Vice Provost for direction before hiring the student and obviously before the student begins working.

15.  Rehiring of Non-Work Aided Students:  Non-work aided students may be rehired by a department into the same College Funded or Department Funded job in which they worked in the immediately prior academic year.  These students may begin working as early as the first day of the Fall employment period.  Non-work aided students who worked only in the prior Summer employment period are not eligible to be hired by the department until October 1; and the job cannot be held for that student to wait out the October 1 date - it must be posted for another student.

Originally written May, 2007

Last updated September 1, 2013