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The Student Employment Group (SEG) is an administrative committee that exercises oversight for policies and practices related to student employment on campus. While this group exercises responsibility for oversight, The Office of Financial Aid will continue its current role in implementing and managing the Federal Work Study (FWS) and College Work Option (CWO) programs, known comprehensively as the Student Employment Program. 

Membership of the SEG includes Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid or designee, Dean of the College or designee, Provost or designee, Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee, Senior Associate Dean for Planning and Analysis of Student Outcomes, the Student Payroll Coordinator, Associate Vice President for Student and Post-graduate Development, and a representative of the Office of Financial Aid in an ex-officio role. 

The SEG is charged with an annual review of the distribution of student employment dollars among Senior Officer areas of the college. As part of this review, the Group may decide to redistribute dollars among Senior Officers based on several factors including the utilization of prior year hours allocations, consistency with the priority of best supporting the financial need of students, and other factors. 

The SEG oversees student employment policy and student employment budget.  The Office of Financial Aid manages and directs the implementation of student employment policy.