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Attending Events

Unless specifically designated as "open to the public," all Franklin & Marshall College meetings, activities and events on campus are considered to be private. Print journalists may attend events designated as open to the public, though registration may be required for some events when seating is expected to be at a premium. Broadcast media may need to secure separate permissions. The College is bound by limitations that may be imposed by invited guests with an interest in protecting intellectual property, or attendees who may have privacy concerns. 

Please check the College’s Website ( to determine whether an event is "open to the public."

For events requiring security measures, reporters who have not registered in advance may not be permitted entry at the time of the event. Also, for events with designated press seating, reporters and photographers must remain seated unless granted permission by F&M staff managing the event, or by advance permission by the event organizers in consultation with F&M Communications.

While on campus, any individual attending an event designated as “open to the public” must adhere to all College rules of conduct, all rules and conditions proscribed for that event, and state and federal law. Members of the general public who are authorized to attend events that are designated as "open to the public" are authorized to enter campus for the sole purpose of attending the event and to traverse the campus directly to and from the building or location of the event. No authorization is given to enter any building other than the building where the event is scheduled to occur. Members of the public should not to interfere with or disrupt any member of the College community while on campus.

In instances in which the College makes any of its facilities available for use by any other group or organization, the group or organization may impose additional limits and restrictions upon attendance at the events it sponsors. The College shall have no liability or responsibility for actions of such parties.