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The Unites States has a long history of innovation and entrepreneurship. From our founder Benjamin Franklin, to modern-day game changers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, this entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force in our economy, lives, and cultural identity.  

In continuing a tradition that was started at Franklin & Marshall in 2010, the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development is pleased to announce that it will be facilitating the Franklin Innovation Challenge this year.   With the assistance of the F&M Entrepreneurship Club, the Office will promote and conduct the event in the spirit of its founders.  

The Franklin Innovation Challenge is open to students of any major.  Past winners have been Art History, BOS, English and Neuroscience majors, to name a few.  More than 80 students have participated in this event bringing forth a variety of ideas.  For 2012-13, there will be two categories for ideas: Open ~ any innovative idea that adds value to our communities; and Sustainability/Technology/Social Entrepreneurship ~ any idea that advances the sustainability of our communities or addresses a pressing or persistent social problem in our communities.  

Interested students must register online, attend at least one workshop, and will be assigned to a mentor to help them develop a business plan.  Judging will take place by alumni in mid-April.   Please see the timeline for further information. 

2013 - 14 Franklin Innovation Challenge Update:

As of November 2013, we are unsure of the how the FIC will be proceeding this year. The structure and format may change.  We will have a definitive answer by the end December 2013.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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