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Alumni Greek Council

The Purposes of the Alumni Greek Council of Franklin & Marshall College shall be:

  1. To encourage sound undergraduate management of fraternities and sororities through advice and council, and to provide continuity to undergraduate chapter obligations.
  2. To coordinate and plan Greek activities and communications and stimulate Greek interests at Franklin & Marshall for the mutual benefit of all member organizations.
  3. To develop and promote cooperation between Greek organizations and the College authorities, to the end that the conditions of the Greeks and their relations with the College authorities may be improved
  4. To insure cooperation among the Greek organizations at Franklin & Marshall College.
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Alumni Greek Council Executive Board:

Secretary: Edward Frackelton(Delta Sigma Phi)  

President: David Costa (Phi Kappa Tau)

Vice President: Tony DeMarco (Chi Phi) 

Treasurer:- Ty Brooke (Lambda Chi Alpha)