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F&M expects Faculty/FPS mentorship and advisement among our fraternities and sororities. A healthy and high functioning fraternity or sorority includes the engagement  of  a Faculty/FPS Advisor. To support this aspect of succesful fraternity or sorority, F&M has identified the essential elements of a Faculty/FPS Advisor program and how the fraternity and sorority community can provide support.

Must be a Franklin & Marshall College current Faculty or staff (FPS) member, but does not need to be a member of the fraternity or sorority. The Faculty/Staff Advisor serves as a main point of contact between the chapter and Franklin & Marshall College.

Faculty/Campus Advisor Expectation

As the F&M fraternity and sorority community seek ways to maximize student learning, and bridge the in class and out of class student experience. It is the expecation that:

1. Each F&M Fraternity & Sorority Chapter will have a Faculty/FPS Advisor to be in Good Standing.
2. Faculty/FPS Advisor must be confirmed and reported to the Office of FS Life at the beginning and end of each semester at a set date/dealine administered by the Office of FS Life. All changes in the status of a Faculty/FPS advisor must be updated with in seven days of any changes.
3. Failure to maintain a Faculty/FPS advisor puts the chapter 'not in good standing" and is subject to non-approval of events or campus use of space. 

Faculty/Campus Advisor Role & Suggested Guidelines

Below is a general outline of the role of a Faculty/FPS Advisor. This vital position works closely with chapters on their overall scholarship and/or New Member program including the following:

  1. Assist the chapter in developing an overall academic achievement program; The focus is on assisting the Fraternity or sorority in organizing and hosting academic programs that the chapter can co-sponsor/sponsor at F&M. 
  2. Meet with the new members each semester to review their academic progress and plans;
  3. Assist with developing an academic recognition program for the chapter;
  4. Assist the chapter in developing an Academic Incentives program;
  5. Attend any scholarship receptions the chapter hosts;
  6. Be available to meet with individual members who are in need of academic assistance;
  7. Attend a (one) chapter meetings/dinners each semester to get to know the members and the members to get to know the Faculty/Campus Advisor;
  8. Maintain communications with the FS Groups Advisory team.

Suggestions for Faculty/FPS Advisors for Dealing with Poor Academic Performance

  • Meet monthly with each individual who achieved a grade point average between 2.5 - 3.0 the previous semester

  • Meet every two weeks with each individual who achieved a grade point average between 2.0 - 2.5 the previous semester

  • Meet every week with each individual who achieved a grade point average below a 2.0 the previous semester

  • Meet with the new member class during the new member education period

  • Help organize a scholarship ceremony each semester

  • Help organize weekly study hours for members

Liability Insurance

Faculty/Campus Advisors are fully covered under the Colleges liability policy while acting in the scope of a Faculty/FPS Advisor. In addition, most inter/national fraternities and sororities also provide liability coverage for acting in the scope as Faculty/FPS Advisors (it is always a good practice to check with the inter/national organization for the specifics of this coverage).

Term of Office

Faculty/FPS Advisors serve one-year terms with possible extensions based on a mutual agreement between the fraternity or sorority and the Faculty/FPS Advisor. This ensures that both parties (the Faculty/FPS Advisor and the chapter) are constantly assessing the working relationship. Faculty/Campus Advisors are not expected to serve as the Chapter Advisor nor to serve on the Alumni Board (if they wish to serve in these positions that would be great but it is not expected). Faculty/Campus Advisors are not on call nor are they responsible for the social aspects of the chapter.

This outline for a Faculty/FPS Advisor is meant to be a starting point for what is expected. Ideally, the Faculty/FPS Advisor and the chapter will negotiate and create a list of specific duties that both can mutually agree upon.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Support for Faculty/FPS Advisors

In order to have a viable Faculty/FPS advisor program, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life provide tangible support for their Faculty/FPS advisors. The following is a list of resources that will be made available:

  1. Requiring that each group have a Faculty/FPS advisor;
  2. Establishing a F/C Advisors Contact list tserve for advisors to communicate and share resources and ideas;
  3. Provide regular updates to F/FPS Advisors from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life on academic issues;
  4. Provide F/FPS Advisors with a list of the chapter members' GPAs each semester (assuming members have signed an academic release form).
  5. Provide an Academic Awards program for individuals and chapters;
  6. Track each chapter's Academic Incentives they offer to their members and compare to the rest of the fraternity and sorority community;

This list is not exhaustive but meant to show some tangible support for Faculty/FPS advisors.

For more information about Faculty/FPS Advisors, please contact Stuart R Umberger, Director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

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  • Alpha (al-fa) Α
  • Beta (ba-tah) Β
  • Gamma (gam-ma) Γ
  • Delta (dell-ta) Δ
  • Epsilon (epp-see-lon) Ε
  • Zeta (zeah-tah) Ζ
  • Eta (ate-ah) Η
  • Theta (thea-ta) Θ
  • Iota (i-o-tah) Ι
  • Kappa (cap-pa) Κ
  • Lambda (lamb-da) Λ
  • Mu (mew or meu) Μ
  • Nu (new) Ν
  • Xi (zigh) Ξ
  • Omicron (o-me-cron) Ο
  • Pi (pie) Π
  • Rho (roe) Ρ
  • Sigma (sig-ma) Σ
  • Tau (taw) Τ
  • Upsilon (upp-see-lon) Υ
  • Phi (figh) Φ
  • Chi (kigh) Χ
  • Psi (sigh) Ψ
  • Omega (o-meg-a) Ω