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Chapter Reporting & Materials

New Member Orientation/Programs Approval

All F&M FS New Member Programs must be approved 10 Days in advance of the beginning of the New Member Program. 

1. The chapter advisory team must review your program, schedule, activites, and format and provide approval to the Office of FS Life. The approval must also include notice that the program aligns with the Inter/national program and that all activities, events, and program components are written into the program. (email format/approval notice)

2. Inter/national HQ must provide a notice of approval. (email format/approval notice)

3. New Member Education Officers/Risk Management Office must review the written program with the Office of FS Life before the program can be executed for any given semester. (make an appointment with enough time to edit and meet again if necessary) appointments should be make early with the Director of FS Life. 



This is the portal entry to Membership Management Reporting and Data systems:
Women’s Sororities Membership Management Portal

Men’s Fraternities Membership Management Portal



Each new member must be registered with the respective Fraternity or Sorority governing council. Each new member must complete the following respective forms.

  • PHC Continuous Open Bid Acceptance Form  (Only Women joining a NPC Women’s Group)

  • FS Membership Academic Release Form (All New Associates must complete)

  • IFC Bid Acceptance New Member Form  (Only Men joining a NIC Men’s Group)

F&M FS MANUAL OF Standards 

Learn more about policies and procedures

Annual Reminders

IRS Form-990 is due by December 1st for the 2013 fiscal year (August 2012-July 2013). Without this document, Chapters put themselves on a path toward losing non-profit status from the federal government. As a Tier 0 requirement, each group is expected to file on time and provide evidence to the Fraternity Headquarters. 
Why is this so important? Losing non-profit status means your chapter will have to pay taxes on the dues that it collects from its members! It also means paying a large fee to regain this status, as well as headaches of resolving filing for past years. It also causes unnecessary work for the Fraternity to deal with the IRS.

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