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FS Event Registration Guidelines


1. All Events must be reviewed and approved by your advisement team. 

2. Advisor must review risk and event planning in advance of approval.

3. Approval must be sent via email from your advisor to the Office of FS Life 4 Days in Advance of the event. The approval notice must include approval of the specific event and date. 

Advisory Team Approval ~ Four Days (4) business days in Advance

*Note: Blanket approvals are not acceptable or will be taken as approvals for on-going events/activites.

Guidelines for Fraternities and Sororities for Event Registration

All social events sponsored by a fraternity or sorority of Franklin & Marshall College must be registered with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life by a submit of a FS Social Event Registration Form.

Registration Deadline ~ Ten Days (10) business days in Advance.

Event Planning/Review Consultation ~ A event planning and review meeting with the Office of FS Life staff must be completed Ten Days (10) business days in Advance.  


  1. All social events sponsored by Greek organizations must comply with fire safety and occupancy codes at all times.  This means that each house must be inspected by public safety on a weekly basis. The City of Lancaster will conduct big inspections each semester.
    1. Each FS Group  is responsible for coordinating with the Department of Public Safety to arrange for weekly house inspections.
  1. Events with alcohol MAY ONLY take place Thursday through Saturday
  2. Each organization may have no more than TWO social events per week
  3. IFC recruitment activities/membership recruitment weeks are all non-alcohol initiatives. No events with alcohol will be registered during Bid Day or the weekend end membership recruitment.
  4. All events will end by 2:00 am (serving stops, lights on, music off, all people who do not live in the house should be leaving). Last call should be at 1:45 am, (stop serving) and start shuttling people out at that time.

The College’s alcohol policies do not preclude fraternities and sororities from complying with the risk management guidelines imposed by their  inter/national organizations and insurance carriers. The College expects F&M Fraternities and Sororities to follow all of their risk management and event policies pertaining to alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual assault, etc. Fraternities and sororities should consult the guidelines of their inter/national organizations prior to planning an event with alcohol. If the College becomes aware or suspects that a fraternity or sorority has violated its Inter/national risk management guidelines, the chapter’s advisory team and national organization will be notified. The Fraternal Information and Programming Group has clear guidelines established. Each F&M chapter of our Inter/national Fraternites and Sororities has set polices/standards/guidelines/rules/procedures found here. 

Fraternity & Sorority Group Events: Any activity for which the fraternity or sorority group pays, directly or indirectly, constitutes an event sponsored by that organization. Also, any event or activity that takes place in a living group’s house/space is the responsibility of the fraternity or sorority group. Fraternity or sorority groups that use any private, off-campus facility to host social events may be held accountable by the College for violations of City and Commonwealth laws. All off campus events must be registered with F&M Campus Programs Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

  1. Greek organizations must follow procedures that promote compliance with State laws establishing a minimum drinking age.
    1. Of-age lists will be provided by the College and used by each organization
    2. Members who monitor the door must check Driver’s Licenses and use wristbands indicate which students are 21.
    3. Only students that have gone through the TIPS training program may bartend events.
    4. For formals, organizations are still required to meet Third Party Vendor requirements of Inter/national Fraternities/Sororities, FIPG, and College requirements.
    5. Alcohol will be confiscated from students who are not of-age and those students will be asked to leave the event
Funds/Collection Process to complete a Funds Collection Form Click on Funds Collection in the menu along the left side of the page, and you will see the link.  
Remember that this form needs to be completed any time you sell tickets, hold a fundraiser, collect dues, or any other activities that involve the exchange of money on campus.  
Meaghan V. Kauffman
Office Coordinator - Office of College Programs
Steinman College Center - 2nd floor
Franklin & Marshall College

Bake Sales/On Campus Food Events/Activites

All events with food must be approved in advance by:

Barry Bosley                 Franklin & Marshall College Associate Vice President for Administration   Office: 717.291.3993    Fax: 717.509.4318    

Request F&M Campus Vans or Transportation:

Requesting van service, $18/hour and .50/mile 
4 hrs at $18/hr= $72 for the less than $100 for the event to provide safe travel
Vans for Group Travel: