Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Types of FS Events Requiring Registration

1. All Alcohol events/activities
2. All Community Service events/activities
3. Philanthropy/Fundraising events/activities
4. Sister/Brother event/activities on/off campus
5. Leadership Conference/Trip/Retreat events
6. Off campus chapter sponsored events/activities

*Co-Sponsored Events/Activities must be registered by both groups Ten business days (10) in advance. Signatures are required by both groups. 
*All New Member Activities must be registered and a written program plan and detailed schedule must be submitted to OFSL

*All New Member programs must be approved by the Inter/national HQ and Alumni/Advisory Team.
*Campus Reservations/Requests for use of College space, facilities, services will be on 'hold" or canceled if event is not registered with the Office of FS Life.