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    Chi Phi Fraternity House (On Campus - Land/Lease)
    Phi Kappa Tau House (Off Campus)
    Delta Sigma Phi (Off Campus)
    Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity House (Off Campus -College Owned)
    Kappa Sigma Fraternity House (Off Campus)
    Phi Kappa Sigma (Off Campus)
    *Sigma Pi (Currently not housed)
    Alpha Delta Pi (Currently not house)
    Alpha Phi (Off Campus - College Approved)
    Chi Omega (Off Campus - College Approved)
    Kappa Delta (Off Campus - College Approved)

    The health and welfare of students are of paramount importance. In order to be assured that the students are living and congregating in safe surroundings, the College reserves the right to request and be granted permission to inspect Fraternity/Sorority Houses. The College will also require annual reports from Fraternites/Sororities establishing that they are satisfying state and local government codes.

Do you plan to stay in your on campus residence hall or theme house during Fall Break?

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