Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

F&M Interfraternity Council

2014-2015 Elections - New F&M IFC Executive Officers

John Garvey '15
Vice President of Administration/Secretary

Cole Wisdo '15
Vice President of Community Relations

Hunter Citrin '16
Vice President  of Membership Recruitment

Vice President of Administration/Treasurer 

Vice President of Programs & Special Events 

Steele Schauer '15 
Vice President of Values & Standards

Mr. Baxter Lehmann '15


Advocacy & Representation

In its role as advocate and promoter of the fraternal experience, the IFC should:
• Promote the fraternal experience using media, advertising, forums and outreach
• Advocate for university policies that allow for fraternities to succeed
• Create frameworks for a cooperative fraternity community
• Market the positive deeds of member fraternities
• Represent the fraternity community in the larger university community
• Advocate for the proper representation of fraternities as values-based organizations

Cooperation & Collaboration

As a collection of fraternal organizations, the IFC exists to:
• Foster collaboration between member organizations
• Demonstrate the shared values of the fraternity community
• Work with other councils or student groups to grow fraternity and community on campus
• Advertise the value of the fraternity community as whole to prospective members
• Plan council-wide events involving all member fraternities
• Address issues in the community in a collective fashion

Governance & Accountability

As the governing body for campus fraternities, the IFC aims to:
• Establish standards and codes of conduct for member fraternities
• Hold member fraternities accountable through fair judicial processes
• Offer productive, educational sanctions to members who fail to live up to the community's standards
• Hold regular meetings of the executive council and general council
• Elect officers each year who will help advance fraternity
• Maintain, update and publish effective policies for governance

Education & Development

The IFC will demonstrate its commitment to leadership and member development in programs to:
• Educate new members about the standards and values of the local fraternity community
• Bring officers from member fraternities together to discuss specific topic areas (risk management; scholarship; recruitment; etc.)
• Enrich the community by bringing speakers, discussions and presentations to campus
• Provide base-level education for fraternity officers across campus