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FS Leader Programs

Summer 2014 

May-August – Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis (10 Summer Sessions)

May 12th-17th ~ AFLV Leadershape Institute (Southeast) Orlando (Hosted by University of Central Florida) 

May 15th-19th ~ Alpha Phi Emerging Leaders Institute: Session 1 Butler University, Indianapolis, IN   Emma Collins '16

May 17-21 (Session 1) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis

May 19-23 (Session 2) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

May 28 - June 1 (Session 3) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

May 31 - June 4 (Session 4) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

June 5th-8th - Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy Session I  Camp Kern Oregonia, Ohio 

June 5th-9th – Alpha Phi Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI): Session 2 Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

Megan Lipset'15

June 11-15 (Session 5) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

June 12th-15th - Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy Session II Camp Loch Leven Mentone, Calif. 

June 16th-21st ~ AFLV Leadershape Institute (Mid-America) Lawrence, Kansas (Hosted at The University of Kansas) 

June 18-22 (Session 6) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

June 26th - 29th Alpha Delta Pi 2014 Leadership Seminar IMPACT Alexandra Morey and Sucel Sanchez

June 26th-29th, 2014  – Chi Phi 149th Congress  -College of Excellence - Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia  Jeffery Laforge, Marcus Brown

June 25th -29th – Alpha Phi’s 70th Biennial Convention Rancho Mirage, CA  Emily Mottola (President) and Chapter Advisor Lara Lewis

June 25th-29th - Chi Omega Convention 2014 Orlando, FL Charlotte  Lorentzen, Samantha Greenfield and Chapter Advisor Kate Snider.

June 25-29 (Session 7) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

June 26th-30th – Alpha Phi Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI): Session 3 Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

July 2nd-6th - Phi Kappa Tau 61st National Convention Renaissance Downtown Washington, D.C.

July 9th-12th - Phi Kappa Psi The Grand Arch Council (GAC) Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ  Colin Martin, Bryce Loebbel, Chris Dirisio, Chapter Advisor Dr. Marc Persson, and Alumni (Dylan Jennings, Ricardo Rivers, Gallin and Dino Vervitsiotis and Micah Kleid)

July 9-13 (Session 8) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

July 12-16 (Session 9) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

July 16-20 (Session 10) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

July - The 2013 Phi Kappa Psi Woodrow Wilson Leadership School and District Council Meetings

July 17th-20th – Alpha Phi Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI): Session 4 Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

July 18th-20th Kappa Sigma Leadership Conference (EAST) New Orleans, LA                             Alex Boykas, John Myers, Alex Lieber , John O'neill, Chris Kontes

July 19-23 (Session 11) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

July 23-27 (Session 12) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Indianapolis 

July 24th – 27th – Phi Kappa Sigma 97th Grand Chapter                                        Alex Rossello, Hunter Citrin, and Jesse Schaefle (Board President)

July 24th-27th - Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy Session III Camp Rock Eagle Eatonton, Ga. 

July 25th-29th - Delta Sigma Phi 2014 Leadership Academy Brookston, IN

July 25th-28th - Sigma Pi University, The Tony Siress Career & Leadership Institute

July 30th-Aug 3rd Phi Sigma Pi 2014 National Convention Atlanta, GA

August 4th-9th ~ AFLV Leadershape (West) Los Angelos, CA (Hosted at the University of California, Los Angelos) Katrina Wachter 

August 6th-10th Sigma Pi 52nd Biennial Convocation in Orlando, Florida 2014  Nick Kafaf and Advisor Frank Fryburg (Sage)

August 8th-10th -  Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Educators Leadership Academy Wyndham Indianapolis West Indianapolis, IN

2014-2015 FS Leader Development Programs Spring 2014

December 20th-22nd - NIC Futures quest Program Session I

January 3rd – 5th Phi Kappa Tau Presidents Academy Dallas, Texas (Frank Fanto)

January 3rd – 5th Phi Kappa Tau Volunteer Development Institute

January 4th - NIC Futures quest Program Session II (Cole Wisdo)

January 5th – 11th Phi Kappa Psi American Leadership Academy, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Winter Session: (Andrew Crawford, Parker Nixon, Zach Fried, Chris Dirisio, Graham Pough, Mark Rossman, Tyler Haas)

January 9th – 13th Phi Kappa Sigma Men of Honor 2014  At Marist Brothers Retreat House: (Hunter Citrin and Andrew Jaus)

January 10th - 13th (All FS Governing Council Orientation & Retreat)

January 10th – 12th Chi Phi “Alphas Academy (Jeff LaForge)

January 11th - F&M Men's Fraternity Leaders Lyceum

January 24th-26th- DELTA SIGMA PHI The Summit Recruitment Chairman and New Member Educator 

January 31st - Sigma Pi Mid Year Leadership Conference in St. Louis, MO. Sam Crozier, Frank Seitz (VP), and Roger Matias (Treasurer)January 31st - Feb 2nd - IFC ACADEMY® (IFC Officer Training/ Indianapolis IN)

January 31st-February 2nd - Kappa Delta National Collegiate Training Academy 2014 Chicago, IL Erin Straube, Grace Brown, Alanna Wittet, Katrina Wachter, Molley Cadwell  "NCTA 2014" twitter and instagram (@kappadeltahq) 

February 1st - Phi Kappa Tau - New England Regional Conference in Troy, NY Frank Fanto, Nick Weber, Daniel Lesce, Henry Pearson, Nate Newmark, Ryan Tedesco , Andrew Schechter,Daniel Pellegrino

February 1st – 3rd- Sigma Pi Fraternity Volunteer Training (MYLC) Frank Fry

February 6th - 9th - AFLV Regional Conference: Central Fraternal Leadership Conference (Indianapolis) (All FS Governing Councils/Additional Room for FS Members to attend)

February 7th - 9th - DELTA SIGMA PHI Presidents Academy (John Ancona)

February 8th-10th – Phi Kappa Psi Terrence G. Harper Presidents Leadership Academy (Zachary Fried)

February 21st- 23rd  Alpha Phi Eastern Leadership Conference Stamford, Connecticut : President: Emily Mottola VP of Programming and Education: Stacey Roth VP of Risk Management: Allison Kunkle VP of Chapter Operations: Courtney Rinden VP of Membership Recruitment: Leah Brenner VP of Marketing: Eileen Donahue VP of Campus Events: Carol Faber Advisor: Lara Lewis

February 21st – 23rd - 2014 Alpha Delta Pi District Leadership Conference District III Parispanny, NJ: Alexandra Morey, Suzanna Talento, Kate Trieschman, Margaret Babson, Victoria Abel, Adrienne Eckman, Annie Alexander, Anne Piccolo, Missy Gluck, Laura Villasanta, Theresa Castellucci, Elana Stein, Sarah Wheaton, Hanna Aharonov

February 23rd Kappa Sigma district conclave at Lehigh University  Alex Boykas, John Meyers, Alex Lieber, John O'neil, Nate McClellan, Dave Athenson, Dan Cafiero, Keith Golden, Alex Lieber,Pat Stehn

February 27th – Mar 2nd - NGLA Regional Conference: Northeast Greek Leadership Association (Pittsburg/ Advisor Training Opportunity/Student Attendance) Advisor Training Institute

March 8th – Chi Phi Northeast Regional Leadership Alliance (RLA) - from 12.00am Saturday, March 8, 2014 until 12.00am Monday, March 10, 2014  Northeast Regional Leadership Alliance to my calendar. Holiday Inn Allentown Center City Allentown, PA (map)

March 12th – FS Educational Program (TBA) All FS Programming Event)

March 9th-15th - Phi Kappa Psi American Leadership Academy, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Spring Session

Dugan, J. P. (2008). Exploring relationships between fraternity and sorority membership and socially responsible leadership. Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity Advisors, 3(2), 16-25. (Article Access; Executive Summary coming soon)