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F&M New Member Orientation

  • New Member Programs/Orientation 

    1. Fraternity & Sorority New Member Programs are an orientation. All FS new member  programs are "NOT A SECRET". Our Ceremonies and Rituals are closed.
    2. Transparency - No new member program is a 'secret". Each Inter/natoinal Fraternity/Sorority invites you to Do Your Homework. 
    3. Planning/Sllyabus - You should be given a schedule just like you get for a course
    Franklin & Marshall Men's Fraternities New Member Programs 

    Chi Phi Fraternity New Member Program

    F&M Schedule/Sllyabus

    Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity New Member Program 

    F&M Schedule/Sllyabus

    Delta Sigma Phi Fraternithy New Member Program

    F&M Schedule/Sllyabus

    Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity New Member Program

    F&M Schedule/Sllyabus

    Kappa Sigma Fraternity New Member Program

    F&M Schedule/Sllybus

    Sigma Pi Fraternity New Member Program

    F&M Schedule/Sllybus




    Franklin & Marshall Women's Fraternities

    New Member Programs

    Alpha Delta Pi Women's Fraternity New Member Program

    Chi Omega Women's Sorority New Member Program

    Alpha Phi Womem's Sorority New Member Program

    Kappa Delta Women's Sorority New Member Program

New Member Bill of Rights

As a New Member of a F&M Fraternity/Sorority:

The process of becoming an initiated member of my F/S shall help me become both a better individual and an integral part of my organization. I understand that I am entitled to certain rights while at the same time taking on certain responsibilities that are essential to my role as a new member of the F&M Fraternity/Sorority community.

I am responsible for being a fully involved member after initiation, to maintain my financial obligations to the F/S, to seek out leadership positions in my organization and others on campus, to recruit new members to enhance the growth and success of my F/S and the Fraternity/Sorority community, and to fully support all social, philanthropic and service activities of my F/S and others during my time as a member.

I have the right to be treated fairly, to be respected, and to not be intentionally humiliated by any active members or alumni/alumnae of the fraternity/sorority.

I am responsible for learning about my fraternity/sorority to better understand the history, traditions, principles, and values of my Fraternity/Sorority. I have been selected to carry on a legacy left by those before me, and I will strive to support the positive goals and direction of my organization.

I have the right to be a student first and foremost to fulfill my academic obligations while being a member of my Fraternity/Sorority. Good time management and planning will allow me to do both.

I have the right to retain my individuality while becoming a member of my organization. My talents, needs, goals, and skills are unique, and if utilized correctly can help strengthen my F/S and the F/S community. I am responsible for respecting the rights, convictions, and privacy of others, and will to work to improve fraternity/sorority relations with other Fraternity/Sororities; as well as, other organizations and the surrounding community.

I am responsible for serving as an ambassador to the campus and community on behalf of my F/S and the SCSU Fraternity/Sorority Community. I understand that my actions will reflect on both my organization and others as well as influence the perceptions associated with the F&M Fraternity & Sorority Community.

I am responsible for approaching the leaders or advisors of my Sorority/Fraternity if I feel that I have been treated without the respect or dignity based upon our founding principles which fraternity/sorority membership is based. I shall have the opportunity to approach my peer mentor, new member educator, sorority/fraternity president, or chapter advisor without ridicule or repercussion if I do not support or understand the reason for an activity.L

  • Alpha (al-fa) Α
  • Beta (ba-tah) Β
  • Gamma (gam-ma) Γ
  • Delta (dell-ta) Δ
  • Epsilon (epp-see-lon) Ε
  • Zeta (zeah-tah) Ζ
  • Eta (ate-ah) Η
  • Theta (thea-ta) Θ
  • Iota (i-o-tah) Ι
  • Kappa (cap-pa) Κ
  • Lambda (lamb-da) Λ
  • Mu (mew or meu) Μ
  • Nu (new) Ν
  • Xi (zigh) Ξ
  • Omicron (o-me-cron) Ο
  • Pi (pie) Π
  • Rho (roe) Ρ
  • Sigma (sig-ma) Σ
  • Tau (taw) Τ
  • Upsilon (upp-see-lon) Υ
  • Phi (figh) Φ
  • Chi (kigh) Χ
  • Psi (sigh) Ψ
  • Omega (o-meg-a) Ω