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Spring 2014 IFC Membership Recruitment

Spring 2014 Men's IFC Membership Exploration WEEK

*All Events are Non-Alcohol

The possession, consumption, or use of alcoholic or cereal malt beverages during 
any recruitment activity shall be prohibited by any and all fraternal organizations at Franklin & Marshall College.

February 10th - February 13th, 2014  

  Monday, Feb 10th Tuesday, Feb 11th
Delta Sigma Phi  Contact: Austin 2407788252 Dodgeball. (Mayser) 8:30pm Asian buffet Dinner Night! 7:00pm Meet at the Delta Sigma Phi House 437 College Ave. 

Phi Kappa Sigma  

Contact: Steven Skylar

House Tour 9:00pm    Join us for a tour of our fraternity house located at 415 West James St. This is a great opportunity for the prospective members to ask questions about new member education, the perks and responsibilities of membership in general and the like. Dodgeball (Mayser Gym/ASFC) 9:00pm  Come Join us in a great night!  Play alongside PKS members and see how fired up we get in this friendly competition. 
Phi Kappa Psi House tour (9:30-12): Come get a tour of our house, including all of the brother's rooms. Each brother who lives in the house will talk about what makes living in the house (and Phi Psi) so special! A few brothers will have video games and board games in their rooms, and there will be a super smash bros. (video game) tournament going on in the front room on our big TV. Sports Day (Mayser Gym/ASFC) Tuesday: Sports night (7-9): Basketball and Dodgeball with the Phi Kappa Psi members in Mayser.
Phi Kappa Tau Dodgeball ASFC 9:30pm  Poker Night 8:30pm 
Sigma Pi  Sam Crozier (520)971-6425 & Jack Shogan (725)689-2994 House Tour, Pizza, Wings 6:00pm  All Events are at 505 W James St Videogame Night 6:00pm  All Events are at 505 W James St
Chi Phi  "Meet & Greet" House, Wings, Pizza 6:00pm History Night/House
Kappa Sigma  Poker Night/House 9:00pm-12 Bowling Night 8:00pm
               Wednesday, Feb 12th              Thursday, Feb 13th 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Laser tag/Movie night 7:00pm 437 College (House) Breakfast at the Delta Sigma Phi house. Morning
Phi Kappa Sigma Poker Night 9:00 pm at house  Join us for a variety of poker games such as Texas Hold’em Five Card Draw and others. This event will be held at 415 West James St.

BBQ & Live Band 9pm House  Our final night! Sausagefest!  Meats for this event are being provided by Nello’s Specialty Meats in Nazareth, PA. This unique meat heaven is owned by the family of Brother Matthew Loiacono. We will be featuring various types of sausages, bacon and cheddar-infused hot dogs and hamburgers and more! We will also be featuring a live folk band around 10 PM! This last event will be held at 415 West James St.

Phi Kappa Psi Poker Night/ Video Game Night at house 9:30  Poker Night (9:30-12): Poker tournament, with PKS members. Brother's will serve as dealers (black jack, texas hold 'em, and 5 card draw) BBQ 4:30 INVITE Only  at house  BBQ/Brotherhood Potluck. Brothers will be cooking several items for a potluck dinner (pasta, chili, chicken dish), and depending on the weather, we'll turn on the grill and cook some hotdogs and burgers.
Phi Kappa Tau  Food/Exec board interviews Formal dinner INVITE ONLY 7:30pm
Sigma Pi  Poker Night 6:00 pm All Events are at 505 W James St Formal night/ bids of membership given out       All Events are at 505 W James St
Chi Phi  rivalry night, watching hockey at house Member interviews at house
Kappa Sigma Satellite mini golf 9:00pm  House tours at 9pm

Friday ~ February 14th

F&M Men's IFC BID Acceptance & BID Day 

Part I: Chapters will deliver/give notice of invitation  for Membership (BIDS) to join between the hours of 9am - 3pm. 

Part II: Bid Acceptance Deadline is between 3:00pm-6:00pm. You must come to the SCC and complete an IFC Bid Acceptance Card. Bid Acceptance is located in SCC 2nd Floor (RM TBA). 

Part III: F&M New Men's Bid Acceptance Program (Required) 6:30pm (All Men who accepted BIDS of Membership) 

Sunday, February 16th BID DAY 

Part IV: Bid Acceptance Ceremony/Welcome by President Porterfield is hosted Barshinger Concert Hall at 6pm.  All new members and Active Fraternitiy members! 

April 6th, 2014

New Member/Associates/Candidates Orientation Program Deadline - Completion Day. Policies require six week new member orientation program. All those who have met the requirements of the respective fraternity new member orientation program will be inducted as full members No Later than April 6th, 2014

  • IFC Bid Day
  • How do I register for Spring 2014 F&M Men's Fraternity Membership Recruitment?

    Registration is mandatory for those planning to join a fraternity.

    Registration will launch during the late fall/early spring. To register for membership recruitment, simply REGISTER HERE at the F&M IFC Registration Page and follow the registration instructions. 

    *Note ~ You will need to provide your F&M Student #ID Number. 

    If you have questions about the registration process, please contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at 717-358-4875. 

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