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F&M Panhellenic Council Announcement July 11th, 2014

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F&M Panhellenic Council President Transition Announced Fall 2014

The Franklin & Marshall College Panhellenic Council announces the election of a new Panhellenic President effective immediately through the fall 2014 semester. The chapter that currently holds the election rotation slot for the Panhellenic President has accepted the resignation of Rhya Ghose '15 and has confirmed Kim Hilafrank '15 as the new Panhellenic President.
On behalf of the Panhellenic Council, we would all like to thank Rhya for everything she has done during her time as President. Franklin and Marshall Sorority life has grown tremendously recently and made a lot of positive changes and Rhya’s time as President played a large role in that. Rhya’s Presidency helped our Panhellenic council become a much stronger, confident, and united group of women.  She began the term with a focused retreat, training, and establishing professional level expectations for the executive team" said Stuart Umberger the Panhellenic Advisor. 
Our new Panhellenic President, Kim Hilafrank, served as the VP of Administration for the prior council. She was part of a council that underwent a lot of reorganization and spearheaded many positive changes to Franklin and Marshall’s Soriority life. We have no doubt that Kim will have a smooth transition into this new role and will take on the responsibility with a professional demeanor and a high level of commitment.
While we are all sad to see Rhya have to step down, The Panhellenic Council is ready and excited for a new year. We look forward to welcoming not only a new freshman class, but also a new sorority to campus. There is no doubt this will be another stellar year.
For more information, please contact Remy Steinhilber, V.P. of Public Relations & Media Development at
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