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F&M PHC Judicial Process

  • NPC Logo
    • To facilitate productive conversation between disputing chapters in a formal setting
    • To encourage/recommend INTERNAL sanctions in an effort to abide by College Panhellenic and NPC guidelines, bylaws and Unanimous Agreements.

1. Informal Discussion Opportunity ~ Step 1 

  • If accusing chapter representative is comfortable confronting the representative of accused chapter, NPC encourages informal discussion between the disputing chapters.
  • If a mutual understanding exists, then the accusing chapter must contact the CPH to inform her of the discussion. No mediation will take place.
  • If a mutual understanding cannot be achieved, or the conflict cannot be resolved, then move to STEP 2. 

2. Complete PHC Violation Report Form - Step 2 

  • The accusing chapter has 30 days from the day of the incident to fill out a Violation Report Form.
  • The form should be turned into the CPH who will give a Notice of Infraction Form to the accused chapter.
  • In most cases, completing this form will require the scheduling of a Mediation (Step 3). 

3. Mediation  ~ Step 3

  • Both the accusing chapter representative and the accused chapter representative need to be at the Mediation.
  • The representatives need to have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the chapter.
  • Each chapter may have two representatives.  An advisor may be present.
  • The Mediator is a unbiased third party.
  • The accusing chapter will state its opinions.
  • The accused chapter will present its opinions.
  • The chapters will negotiate appropriate actions to be taken.
  • Everything discussed in the mediation is CONFIDENTIAL, including the final agreement.
  • The accused chapter representative may provide a letter or have a conversation with the individual who committed the infraction so that her opinions are expressed at the mediation.
  • The CPH will not issue sanctions. In some cases, the CPH may have recommendations.  However, the goal of mediation is the satisfaction of the complainant and the accused. 

4. Judicial Hearing ~ Step 4

  • If no mutual agreement can be reached during the Mediation, then a Judicial Hearing will be scheduled.
  • This process is explained in the Manual of Information.  

5. The Appeal Process ~ Step 5

  • If any involved party is not satisfied with the outcome of the Judicial Hearing, the party can appeal to the NPC Judicial Appeals Committee.
  • The process is further explained in the Manual of Information.