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Financial Costs

Membership in an F&M Fraternity or Sorority is a financial commitment. 

Each chapter is self-supported through dues paid by all members. Dues are used to sponsor educational programs, and philanthropic projects, social events, and organizational operations. 


F&M Fraternity/Sorority Financial obligations vary by chapter, although annual expenses in the first year of membership average between $400 and $800 a semester. The first semester of membership is typically the most expensive, because members will pay for one-time initiation fees. This includes:

  • HQ Registration Costs
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Pin/Badge
  • Educational Modules

Many chapters have a dues structure that decreases each year of membership. Upperclassmen dues range from $350-$800 a semester. The financial obligations do not include cost of living in a chapter house. It is important when considering the financial obligations of membership to ask a chapter if their dues are all inclusive. Some chapters bill separately for t-shirts, formals, etc., while others will ask for the total amount up front.

Fraternity members are often required to participate in a meal plan separate from the College or Housing fees. Some F&M fraternities either have a cook or catering service which provides meals during weekdays to members. Meal plan costs range from $1,000- $2,000 a semester.

*You can find their contact information within their chapter pages on our Web site. We encourage you to speak with each chapter individually about what is included in dues fees and if scholarships, grants, or payment plans are available. 

F&M Women's Sororities Scholarships & Grants

*Members have access to financial support, scholarships, and grants

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