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Women ~ Prospective Membership

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Fall 2014 Membership Opportunities

More information to come. 

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Women’s Sororities are a positive part of the Franklin & Marshall experience. Its a life-long experience that is committed to providing opportunities for F&M Women who want to develop their greatest potential as students and as women. Sororities today are far more than just social organizations; they facilitate growth and development of their members and contribute much to the community. Use your first semester at F&M to determine for yourself if you would like to become a part of the F&M Sorority Life. Please know, however, that affiliation with a sorority is not a prerequisite for an active and successful college experience. Joining a women's fraternity or sorority, therefore, should be an individual decision, one which you make for yourself, not for your mother or your sister or best friend. Whether you join a sorority or not, Formal or Informal membership opportunities will be a time for making new friends and beginning a new and exciting part of your life. To learn more about our desire to advance sorority by tapping the collective potential, please take a moment to listen to our NPC Podcast and also share our new video “Our Potential. Your Move.”

Spring 2014 MEW   Has Completed! 

The F&M Sorority Life is now registering Franklin & Marshall College Women of the Classes of '15, '16, '17 for this Spring 2014 Membership Exploration Week.

Register Here
*Note a $10 Dollar fee is required to register.
This is a non-refundable cost.

If you have any questions: V.P. of Membership Recruitment ~  Bianca Santos at 
Registration is open from November 4th, 2013 - January 17th, 2014 5pm. 

    • TheSororityLife: Fraternity & sorority advisors typically advise all of the chapters on a specific campus. They are in charge of the entire Greek community.
    • TheSororityLife: @LadyL31786 That's hard to answer is 140 characters. Please visit to ask one of our expert sorority women!
    • TheSororityLife: Great way to say thank you, "Advisors you're the beary best."
    • TheSororityLife: The alumni housing corporation may also undertake projects while class is out of session, like refurnishing or painting the chapter house.
    • TheSororityLife: Happy Founders' Day to @trisigma! Founded at Longwood College in 1898. #sororityhistory