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Understanding the Mutual Selection Process


Joining a F&M women's sorority is a mutual selection process, which means that both the potential members and the individual sororities are both making choices.
  1. The sororities prioritize which women they want to invite back, just like women are prioritizing which chapters they’d like to go back to each day of MEW. Potential members need to understand that they may not always get invited to the parties they would like to attend.
  2. This has many variables based on not only mutual selection but variables that may include:

A. How many a sorority can invite back each round.

B. Membership requirements: Academic/GPA requirements

Total: The allowable chapter size on a campus, as determined by the College Panhellenic, including new and active members. Chapters that fall under total may be allowed to participate in continuous open bidding until they reach total. *Current Total for each Franklin & Marshall College Sorority is 95 members per group Fall 2014. 

Unanimous Agreements: Agreements between the 26 NPC member groups that provide for fairness and equality between the groups. Several of these agreements have to do with membership procedures.All Lafayette College chapters must comply with all their National agreements. To include the membership process and all the unanimous agreements.
Franklin & Marshall College hosts four strong Inter/national women’s sororities hosted in partnership.
  1. Each sorority deserves consideration.
  2. The potential member needs to ask the question if it is more important to be a member of the Sorority Experience or a member of a certain organization.
  3. Potential members need to understand that a few members of a sorority cannot speak for the entire organization. Impressions they may get from members prior to membership exploration need to be weighed lightly. Many potential members set themselves up for disappointment by putting too much emphasis on what a few members have lead them to believe.
  4. Start looking at all the groups and all the amazing opportunities, connections and life-long experiences!

F&M Women's Sororities GPA Membership requirements:

Alpha Phi - 2.75
Alpha Delta Pi - 2.65
Alpha Xi Delta - 2.5
Chi Omega - 2.4
Kappa Delta - 2.5