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Values & Purpose

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    Fraternities and Sororities are VALUES-BASED Organizations. Each group was founded with purpose, values, principles, and a missions in context of their time and experience in American history. These values are relevant to the 21st century college experience.

    The espoused creeds and mission statements, the values of fraternities and sororities align with the intended outcomes for Franklin & Marshall students.

     “Live Your Values and Live Your Ritual"

Each Fraternity and Sorority has their own ceremonies, rituals, and traditions that reflect, support, and reinforce the missions, purpose, principles, and values. We apply these components in our personal values, organizations values. They manifest in our actions, behaviors, and attitudes. Our challenge is to develop a congruency in personal, group, and community values. Each individual and group has varying levels of congruency. Each person and each fraternal group has opportunities to grow. They are supported by their peers, advisory teams, programming, programs, and college support systems.

Personal Values Group Values Community Values

Our success begins with an emphasis on each individual fraternity and sorority member knowing their values on all three levels. We can then move towards putting our organizational creeds into an action-based approach. We focus on  programs, activities, and behaviors that connect enacted and espoused values. 

Focus on Fraternity History CAll For Values Congruence
National Ritual Awareness Week  
  • Live Your Ritual
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