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  • KNOW YOUR Fraternity or Sorority Vision, Mission, Principles, and Values! Vision, mission, principles and values are the guiding star of strategic planning, the beacon by which organizations set their strategic compasses and then align their everyday priority setting. Fraternities and Sororities are a great “Learning Laboratory” for F&M students.

    Commitment to upholding group values is critical for post-college competency.

    Mission congruence is however a bit trickier to achieve even as individuals. The mission “What we do” is some times compromised for a variety of reasons and as such at times these actions (the little lies we tell) goes against our values and prevent us from living our values and mission.

    When it comes to Fraternity and Sorority Groups we use:

    1. The VISION (Where we want to go) being your Fraternity or Sorority aim which defines our destiny.
    2. The MISSION (What we will do) in terms of which skills and talents of our members, role modeling, mentoring, and leadership are used to do the activities that define the Fraternity or Sorority groups existence.
    3. The VALUES (Who we do what we do) in terms of the way we go about doing our activities which defines our behavior.

    The easiest congruence to obtain is the congruence of the FS groups vision and its values. The vision mission congruence is also easier to establish with support, leader development, and commitment. FS groups are able to easily establish the logical link between vision and mission to get congruence. Individuals are challenged by living the values and the mission in other words mission value congruence. As with the individual, the mission is some times compromised for a variety of reasons. They range from getting ahead because of competition, personal interests, and negative ‘pop-culture” influence etc; these compromise our values resulting in behavior, actions, and attitudes which in many cases lead to insolvency. The modern world gives us many examples of this culminating in the on going financial crisis.

    Ensure that the vision, mission, and values of your FS Group aligns with what you value.

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