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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Rituals & Ceremonies

Greek Lettered secret societies, are not a club, not a corporation, and not a religion, then what is it?'

We offer the following definition: Fraternity/Sorority Life is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.


Yes we have ceremonies and rituals! Ritual as an expression of what a sorority/fraternity believes in--sister/brotherhood, growth, development, and becoming better people. We should want to share that with individuals outside of the community, and we should be acting out our Ritual daily hence the word "Ritual." 


According to Webster, Ritual means "of or relation to rites or a ritual: ceremonial ; done in accordance with social custom or nomral protocol; AN ACT OR SERIES OF ACTS REGULARLY REPEATED in a set precise manner.

Importance of the Ritual

A successful FS Chapter has a strong Ritual. it is essential that you understand the importance of the Ritual. The Ritual should inspire each members commitment to excellence and reinforce the values of the Fraternity. A well-performed Ritual can change the entire attitude of the membership, and regular formal meetings will help increase the awareness of this important part of being a a Sorority Women or a Fraternity Man.