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Willkommen! Students who enter the German program at Franklin & Marshall College become part of a legacy that stretches back more than two centuries—many of the school's founders were German scholars from the University of Halle.

And Germany's status today as the largest economy in Europe, the number-one export country in the world and an innovator in environmental technology make the study of German in the twenty-first century a great decision for our times.

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania German country, Franklin and Marshall College offers a unique setting for learning German in North America. Our proximity to Amish standholders in Lancaster's Central Market and to the historic Ephrata Cloister and the school's own exquisite holdings in PA. German art make this an ideal laboratory for the study of German-American culture and a fitting jumping-off place for study abroad. Whether you come to Franklin and Marshall with a background in German already or you wish to begin your study of it here, we have something to offer you.

Our academics stress speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while introducing students to the culture and history of German literary, philosophical and political texts. Majors and minors can focus on either culture and civilization or literature. We offer small classes, encouraging a highly interactive, discussion-based mode of instruction. Students and professors also gather outside class in weekly coffee hours and other events. We engage prominent speakers yearly to deliver guest lectures on German topics, notably in our annual William J. Frey Memorial Lecture on Pennsylvania German subjects. 

Students who study abroad build on their existing skills in German to profit from in-country immersion experience. A high proportion of our majors have parlayed their study of German into rewarding careers in and outside of academics.

"Wer eine fremde Sprache nicht lernt, versteht seine eigene nicht."
"Whoever does not learn a foreign language does not understand his own."
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Additional Course Information

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad, usually in their Junior Year, choosing from a broad selection of programs approved by the College's Office of Off-Campus Study. 

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Departmental Awards and Honors

German and German Studies offers different departmental awards and honors including membership in the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha.  

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Story 5/8/2015

Cecile Zorach: Socrates Citation

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Three Colleges Join to Explore Impacts of First World War

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World War I Museum Pops Up in College Center

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To Study Abroad, With Intent and Purpose

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Seeing A Nation's History Through A Global Lens

As he showed a photograph of a massive ossuary containing the skeletal remains of tens of thousands of French and German soldiers, Mueller Fellow and Yale University Historian Jay Winter asked a...

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