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Stameshkin Funds

A Life Well-Lived and Well-Laughed:
Honoring the Career of David Stameshkin, Ph.D.

David Stameshkin, Ph.D., is one-of-a-kind. From the time he joined the College in 1978 through his impending retirement in 2012, David has shared freely of his humor, his boundless energy, and his unflagging devotion to Franklin & Marshall students. As one colleague put it, “David is what F&M is all about.”

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  • David Stameshkin Emergency Fund
  • Dean Dave has so often shared an open ear, a friendly smile and a huge heart – to F&M students in time of need. This fund will provide need-based assistance to students confronted with pressing financial challenges.

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  • David Stameshkin Jewish Student Engagement Fund
  • Serving for a decade as adviser to Hillel, Dean Dave helped countless alumni form and inform their identities as Jewish adults. This fund will support the ongoing efforts of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life and F&M Hillel, through one-on-one student engagement and high-impact programs