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  • F&M Vertical Migration 2013
  • A film about Franklin & Marshall College Hackman summer research project in the Canadian Rockies. Produced by Jin Hwang '14.

“This research,” says Nora Theodore ’13, “is for people who find beauty in the small things.” She is speaking of her work with Franklin & Marshall Associate Professor of Biology Janet Fischer.

Together they have plumbed the depths of alpine lakes and spent innumerable hours in the lab to understand the effects of ultraviolet light on copepods—that is, the relationship between these minuscule, lake-dwelling zooplankton and the potentially damaging ultraviolet (UV) light that penetrates their freshwater homes—as well as broader questions of environment and climate.

From the Hackman grant that helped fund their travel, to Theodore’s Rouse Scholarship, to the Franklin & Marshall Fund donations that help underwrite laboratory necessities and bring exceptional students to F&M in the first place, Fischer and Theodore’s success was made possible in part by support from the College’s alumni, parents and friends—support that advances scientific understanding of the natural world and can change students’ lives.

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