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Mid-Year Investment Report

Your gifts to the F&M Fund make great things possible. Thank you!

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The Impact

In the first six months of FY2013-2014, contributions to the Franklin & Marshall Fund from more than 5,000 alumni and friends were enough to make a difference in student and postgraduate development efforts, scholarship support, student-faculty collaborative research, the development of innovative teaching methods, technology and other campus resources, and much more. Of these, 3,522 were under $500, totaling a remarkable $360,387.

Each of these areas has great meaning and merit, but it is their combined impact that allows F&M to cultivate a great culture of discovery and, in our students, a rigorous and engaged life of the mind.

The F&M Fund, a collective effort itself, provides the College the means and flexibility to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for whatever may come.

The Donors
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