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Matching Gifts

You're not seeing double... but we could be!

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Visit F&M’s matching gift web site both to determine whether your company matches gifts and to get all of the details regarding your specific company’s matching gift program. You can also check with the human resources department at your or your spouse's place of employment.

Last year, Franklin & Marshall received almost $200,000 from matching gift companies. This extra money helps to support scholarships, financial aid, technology, libraries and student clubs. Check with the Human Resources Department at your or your spouse’s company. If the company matches its employees' gifts, they’ll provide you with a form that you can send to the College with your payment.

If you have already made a gift this year, your company can still match it. Simply send the form to:

Franklin & Marshall College
c/o Ronda Schell, Matching Gift Coordinator
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604

 You can start the process toward a matched gift to F&M today by making an online gift on our secure online giving page.