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Brian Rutter '87

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"Why do I give to Franklin & Marshall? Let me count the 'whys.' I give for several reasons; fundamentally, these reasons fall into two categories: a) an anchor in the past and b) a look to the future.

Looking back, without a doubt, I give out of appreciation and affection. I respect F&M and I appreciate all that the College has done for me both as a student and as an alumnus. Franklin & Marshall has helped me both professionally and socially. Not only do I have many great memories with many special people, but F&M contributed in great part to who I am today. I’d go so far as to say that a significant part of my adult identity was formed while at F&M, and that’s not easy to pay back. Franklin & Marshall boosted my self-confidence, helped me to launch my career, and made me a more well-rounded person.

Looking ahead, I believe in the College and its mission – and how it goes about transforming the lives of bright young folks with lots of potential. F&M’s classes are small enough so that current and future students are more than just a number. They are given the environment and tools – and a first rate education – to succeed and become tomorrow’s leaders. I know that the College can’t do this without help from its alumni; tuition alone doesn’t cover the cost of a student’s education. 

I want Franklin & Marshall College to be as strong as it can be. I believe that there is a virtuous circle (not to be confused with a vicious cycle), whereby as the College continues to do well, the value of my own degree – and the degree of every alum – is enhanced. My annual gift helps F&M to thrive, and I’m delighted to support it.