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Bryan Stabbe '13

There's no question about it -- the impact of alumni support is real. I know -- I am a beneficiary of your generosity. And I am grateful that thousands of our alumni love F&M as much as I do. Your gifts really do help to sustain the values of the F&M experience for today's students.

I graduated from F&M a few weeks ago and have been profoundly changed by my four years at the College. I was honored to be the inaugural recipient of the Dick Winters '41 Award for Perseverance and Leadership (photo on left). An Ephrata, Pa., native, Maj. Winters (photo on right)  came to F&M before enlisting in the Army.  He later commanded Easy Company, the parachute infantry regiment made famous in HBO's "Band of Brothers," which landed in Normandy in the early hours of D-Day in June 1944.  

I'm following in Maj. Winters' footsteps and those of all F&M alumni. Alumni like YOU.  That's both an awesome privilege and a responsibility. The bar has been set high for my fellow young alumni, current students and me. Because of you, we are uniquely poised to make a difference in the world with transformative life skills and an education that is second to none.

Please join me in helping keep so many amazing opportunities alive at F&M by joining the thousands of other alumni who generously support the College.

Thanks for honoring Maj. Winters and me with your support.

Bryan Stabbe '13