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Diane Gegg

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I work for F&M – I'm not an alum, or a parent of a student.

So why do I donate to the Franklin & Marshall Fund? It's not because I feel like I have to, or because my boss will be angry if I don't. I grew up in the Lancaster area, and Franklin & Marshall College has always made Lancaster a better place to live – but that isn't really why. I'm grateful for the opportunities my job makes possible for me simply because I work in higher education. Benjamin Franklin is my favorite founding father, and F&M is a great place to work. But even those things aren't why I give.

I give because I believe in supporting the liberal arts education we offer at Franklin & Marshall College. I believe the students who attend F&M are smart, motivated, and positioned to do good things. F&M teaches them to open their minds to bigger ideas – and to stretch their abilities beyond even what they thought they could do.

I like to think that one of the students my gift helped support could find the cure for the devastating paralysis that keeps my sister in a wheelchair. Wouldn't that be fantastic? But think about the opposite. What if that student had the potential to make that discovery, but because the resources weren't there to offer her enough financial aid she never even came to F&M? That's not so fantastic.

That's why I make my gift – because of the unlimited possibilities for improvement in the human condition that my gift helps to make possible.