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Don Mershon '66

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Contributing to F&M is important for the same reasons that I also financially support my prep school, my graduate school and the university where I spent most of my academic career. I believe that one has an obligation to give back to those who helped one become the person one is (and to have succeeded at the career one has had). In the case of schools and colleges, of course, this usually means contributing to the institution itself, rather than to individual faculty, but I try to recognize those faculty most crucial for my development by designating all or part of my gifts to the department or unit in which I studied. As a lifelong academic myself, I have not had the option of making large contributions, but I have tried to make up for that by giving faithfully each year. I hope my modest gifts will encourage others to give whatever they are able, so that coming generations of students will e! xperience the life-shaping educational opportunities that F&M (and others) allowed me to obtain. I give to the institution at which I was a faculty member, so that I can continue to aid my many dedicated colleagues with their efforts. Although it may be a cliche, I think my message is that giving back - giving for the future - is the special responsibility of everyone who has enjoyed the benefits of education.