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Global Education

A liberal education has always served to open minds and hearts to the wider world, but today that reach is truly global.  Franklin & Marshall offers its students many opportunities to expand their horizons internationally and to make important global connections. 

Our commitment to this global perspective is reflected in our curriculum, in our commitment to off-campus study, and also in the thirteen percent of our student body who come from abroad to study here in the US.

From the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages that we teach, the International and Area Studies minors we offer, to the many study abroad opportunities we provide, we invite students to extend the classroom far beyond the campus.  We encourage them to take up the challenge of living and learning as global citizens.

At any given moment, Franklin & Marshall students can be found on all but one of the seven continents, pursuing study and research projects, honing their language skills, and acquiring the cultural knowledge and understanding necessary, as we say in our mission statement, to live “fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world.”