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Faculty at Franklin & Marshall are dedicated to providing a global education to their students.

Professors regularly extend the classroom beyond the confines of the campus, offering their students opportunities to acquire the skills and experience they need to engage global challenges.

The College offers a number of faculty-led off-campus study opportunities.  For a list of current or recently offered opportunities, including F&M in Paris, F&M in Tuscany, the Archaeological Field School in Poggio Colla (Tuscany), and community-based learning opportunities in Ecuador and South Africa, click here.

Here are just a few profiles of current faculty highlighting their international experiences and research interests.

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  • Researching Music in Rwanda
  • Professor Sylvia Alajaji offers courses in ethnomusicology and International Studies.  Her interests include music of the Middle East, music and political identity, and popular music and society.  To hear about her collaboration with Maggie Gergen '12 on studying music and the after-effects of trauma in Rwanda.

  • Profile: Dr. Bryan Stinchfield
  • Exploring Sustainable Business
  • Professor Bryan Stinchfield, in BOS (Business, Organizations, and Society) has had a diverse career background that has taken him to many parts of the world, from South Korea to Pakistan, to name only two.  His teaching focuses on the relationship between business and the natural environment, examining the challenges facing efforts to encourage sustainable business.

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  • Discovering Russia
  • Last August (2012), a small group of F&M students traveled to Moscow and Saint Petersburg on a two-week trip with Russian professor Jon Stone.  The trip offers students an initial encounter with Russia, its history, peoples, and culture.

  • Poggio Colla Dig: 2010
  • Archaeology in Tuscany
  • Every summer, a group of Franklin & Marshall students participate in an archaeological dig at the Poggio Colla Field School, excavating an Etruscan site in Tuscany, where Ann Steiner, Professor of Classics at the College, is Director of Research.

  • F&M in Paris: eiffel group
  • F&M in Paris
  • Franklin & Marshall offers a fall semester program in Paris, just one of several faculty-led off-campus study opportunities.  For more information about F&M in Paris, contact Professor Kerry Whiteside in the Government Department.