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International and Off-Campus Study

Off-campus study is just one of the ways students pursue a global education at Franklin & Marshall.

It's not a term away.  It's an encounter seamlessly woven through the student's educational experience before, during, and after the time spent off campus.

The College offers its own programs in England, France, and Italy, summer travel courses to Japan, China, and Russia, and internship and community-based learning courses in Ecuador and South Africa.  The College also offers winter and spring break programs in Ghana and Honduras. 

Through the Office of International Programs, Franklin & Marshall students can also consider destinations offered through pre-approved programs all over the world.  For information about these opportunies, click here.

Currently 50 percent of our students study off-campus, choosing from a variety of experiences, from short-term to semester- or year-long options.  To read about some of these opportunities, and to hear directly from our students, click on the links below:

  • International and Off-Campus Study
  • For more information about study abroad and off-campus study options, click above.  To set up an appointment with and advisor, call or stop by the Joseph International Center on College Avenue,  Contact information is here.